ADHD  help we don’t get

This blog is to help other parents that have children with ADHD ,odd,Add, First I would like say a bit about me. im a A fitness instructor with a nutrition diploma. Besides that I’m a very normal guy with a down to earth family. I have 3 kids ,one is diagnosed with ADHD and odd.ive […]

GI foods explanation

glycemic index is a value assigned to foods based on how slowly or how quickly those foods cause increases in blood glucose levels. Also known as “blood sugar,” blood glucose levels above normal are toxic and can cause blindness, kidney failure, or increase cardiovascular risk. Foods low on the glycemic index (GI) scale tend to […]

Battle ropes

Why we use battle ropes @gymlifefitness Battle ropes offer full body strength training as well as cardio, “They’re especially great for targeting your core and upper body, since those are your primary movers in battle rope training.” Battle ropes are valuable for people looking to build muscle (or simply change up their routines) without turning to […]

Protein tips

FacebookTw1. Increase daily protein intake to  1.     2-2.5g/kg body mass per daySET your daily protein targets according to a range between your current body mass and target body mass. 2. Consume 20-30g doses of protein at three-hour intervals throughout the dayENSURE you achieve your daily target by consuming equal doses of protein at […]

Trx assault 

Trx cables with kettlebell workouts . A 45 min fitness class with just the use of kettlebells and trx cables.(price £5) This class is for all levels of fitness , The trx is one of the best ways of targeting your core & abbs while using your own bodyweight to workout, giving you support & […]

Artificial sweeteners 

Many study have been conducted on artificial sweeteners. These kinds of studies take a group of people and ask them about various factors, such as what they eat. Then they can see whether a particular variable (such as artificial sweetener use) was associated with either an increased or decreased risk of disease. Several of these studies […]


Spray This Simple Mixture and You Will Never See Ants in Your Home Again! Summer time is when most people look for help and advice on getting rid of ants in the house Edit the primary ingredient in most commercial insecticides is a nerve agent that disrupts the insects’ nervous system through direct contact. These […]